Mood lifters

Happy Sunday and happy February!! I felt like January was the longest month ever. Getting back into the swing of things at school and getting out of my winter break mindset all together. The winter can be a very difficult time to function. I know I get in a funk every few days just simply because of the frigid weather and lack of sunshine. Anyone who knows me knows that I love making my lists. It can be a list about anything, just to get some thoughts down on paper. I made a list of some of my “mood lifters” that help me when the skies are grey or I may just not be having the best day. I encourage you to make a list, whether it is about things that lift your mood or simply just what makes you happiest. You can also check out my blog post from a couple weeks ago for what to do when you get in a rut. These go hand in hand, and I find make all the difference. A mood lifter for me is anything that makes me feel like myself in it’s purest form. Something that makes me smile. They can be small or big, just like my little list here:

  • game night with my friends
  • calls with my mom
  • walks by lake michigan
  • walks downtown chicago
  • doing well on an exam after I studied my booty off
  • being able to sleep in
  • seeing people I love happy
  • eating really yummy food
  • sunshine on a gloomy day
  • finishing a good book
  • seeing my family
  • petting a random dog on the street
  • arnold palmer’s
  • planning my summer abroad

These are just a few of the things that have been boosting my mood lately. A lot of these things have to do with being with people and a few also have to do with being alone. For me, I have to find a good mix of the two. I refuel on alone time and it’s important for me in the way I live my life. However, my number one love language is quality time so that is also very important to me in spending time with the people I love. It’s all about finding a balance that works for you. Finding the secret combination that will make you shine and be the best you you can be. Find your own mood lifters, write them down, think about them in your head, put them in your notes on your phone, whatever method is just fine. Have them ready when you need them and take advantage of them! BE HAPPY!!!

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