2018 GOALS

Happy 2018, friends! It’s already been a WHOLE WEEK of this year. Have you started off this year on the right foot? Even if that answer is a no, you still have plenty of time to turn it around. Here are some of my personal goals this year I am planning to focus on. I love setting goals for myself to set a fresh perspective. The new year is a great time for new habits, new beginnings, and new chances. What will you bring to this year? Who will you be this year? It’s up to you and only you.


  • take studies more seriously
  • learn something new every day
  • learn a language
  • be proud of my growth
  • don’t give up
  • check facts before judging
  • be well-informed


  • call family more often
  • remember birthdays
  • text friends if you think of them
  • be gracious to strangers
  • do one good deed each day
  • smile at people more


  • make healthier choices
  • eat more vegetables
  • exercise at least 3 times a week
  • limit carbs and sugar
  • limit fried foods
  • cook more than eating out
  • drink at least 8 cups of water a day
  • stretch every day
  • get stronger


  • do one thing that scares you every day
  • pray more
  • make travel plans
  • enjoy the simple things
  • keep things clean
  • make every day count
  • help those in need
  • be more decisive
  • have a brighter outlook
  • make the world better


  • put more in savings
  • set a budget and stick to it
  • limit eating out
  • make money goals
  • look for discounts
  • put better value on money


  • use more lotion, hydrate my skin
  • pay attention to what I am consuming
  • form my own opinions
  • be more open to criticism
  • set clear goals
  • improve my skin





One thought on “2018 GOALS

  1. Vivian seaman says:

    Thank you for sharing your goals. I think it is a good idea to write them down and then review or change yhem as we move along in the year. Have a great semester. Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

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