My 2017 Wrap Up

2017 was quite the year. There were many good things that took place, many incredible memories and friendships began with people I will never forget. At the beginning of this year I was one semester into college in a new city with all new people. I was feeling pretty good but knew there was room for improvement (as there always is). I set goals for myself that were realistic and attainable and I am happy to say most of them were completed. I plan on doing the same things and more in 2018. This will be such an amazing year and I already have such insane and exciting things planned.

Here are some GREAT things that happened in 2017…highlights if you will:

I got initiated into ALPHA CHI OMEGA, the most amazing group of Real Strong Women I know!! This was SUCH a highlight of my year. I have met such incredible women through greek life and am so lucky to have Alpha Chi be my home away from home.

I joined CHAARG, because #health & ALSO met some pretty cool gals I am lucky to call my pals. Through workouts and social events I have gotten to know these girls and let me just tell you they are AWESOME.

AND here are some of my other favorite memories!! These include graduations, birthdays, Hamilton, breakfast dates, college visits, vacations, formals, work events and SO much more! I love these people and couldn’t be more grateful.

2018 I think will be even better! I am excited for the spring semester and meeting all of our new Alpha Chi sisters through recruitment, making so many more Chicago memories with my people, I will be heading to ROME in the summer for 6 weeks, and SO much more!! Get ready for lots of pictures and BLOG POSTS in the weeks to come!!

Happy New Year everyone!!



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