Holiday Gift Guide For Pretty Much Every Girl

Holiday season is among us and that means it is the season of giving!! Gift giving is one of my absolute favorite things to do, and I think I have quite the knack for it. So this collage I made is a compilation of things I know I would love to receive as well as many of my friends. I don’t think you can go wrong with anything on this list or some variation of these items.

  1. The matching PJ set is the key to showing everyone you have your life together (or at least pretending you do).
  2. The candle is not only aesthetically pleasing but smells so so good and makes your space so cozy.
  3. These gold headphones are crucial for all of the flying I do over the holiday months, completely noise canceling and super comfy.
  4. Who doesn’t love a good phone case? This one is cheap and cute!
  5. This perfume set is a perfect stocking stuffer and the best news!!! They are under the TSA limit so travel approved!
  6. This shimmer brick by Bobbi Brown is GORG and is totally going on my list this year! Who doesn’t want to be a little extra glowy?!
  7. These classic Ray Bans are an essential for any month of the year and the all black are a personal favorite of mine.
  8. This fuzzy fleece pullover looks like you are just wrapped up in a cloud and come on who doesn’t want that!!?
  9. A good throw blanket never hurt nobody, especially one with cute pom poms on the ends.
  10. The Comfort & Joy mug is PERFECT for this holiday season for all the hot cocoa, coffee, and tea your heart desires!
  11. How pretty is this rose gold initial necklace from Kate Spade? YES PLEASE!!
  12. These UGG Moccasins are just what your tired footsies need! Warm, fuzzy, and comfy? Sign me up.
  13. And lastly, these Calpak packing cubes. Flying to and from this holiday season you will be ultra organized with these super practical and cute packing cubes!! The adult in me in showing…oops.

Check out the links below! Happy holidays & happy hunting!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 3.54.05 PM

1. Pajama Set 2. Candle 3. Headphones 4. Phone Case 5. Perfume 6. Shimmer Brick  7. Sunglasses 8. Fleece Pullover 9. Pom Pom Blanket 10. Mug 11. Initial Necklace 12. Moccasin Slipper 13. Packing Cubes




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