20 things I am thankful for

This time of year is always so humbling to me. Being around all of your family and friends, good food, and making good memories. Since Thanksgiving week is upon us I thought I would share a list (big and small) of things that I am thankful for this holiday season. I love making gratitude lists like this because it reminds me of how much I do have to be thankful for and how lucky I am. I encourage you whether actually on paper or just in your head to do the same.

  1. the amazing city of Chicago that I am oh so lucky to be living in
  2. my incredible friends back home as well as all the new friends I have made since coming to college
  3. my sorority sisters (the real strong women of Alpha Chi Omega)
  4. my loving and loyal family who would move mountains for me
  5. my fabulous job with Mama Said Tees where I get to spread kindness and love on a daily basis
  6. Disney World (just because it’s my fav place in the world duh)
  7. my pup back home whom I miss so so so much
  8. all of the yum food I know I will be eating this week
  9. my warm and cozy bed & mornings I can sleep in
  10. good conversation
  11. uncontrollable laughter with those you cherish the most
  12. good health & the ability to live another day
  13. the teachers I will never forget
  14. kind people who do things simply out of the goodness of their hearts
  15. happy tears
  16. long hugs from someone you haven’t seen in a long time
  17. good hair days
  18. the lessons learned this year, good & bad
  19. the fact that I have multiple people I consider to be a best friend
  20. rainy days inside but also sunshiny ones outside

Have the best Thanksgiving!!



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