How To Be A Girlboss 101: How to Crush Your Goals

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Happy Sunday, besties!! It’s been another week so that means another blog post! Today I am writing to my fellow girlbosses on how to be a boss babe and crush your goals. This is such a fun topic for me to write about and always leaves me feeling so much more inspired than when I started. Check out these tips & go out and crush your Sunday!

Step 1: Write your goals down!

We all have goals, but they’re not going to amount to anything if they’re just sitting in the back of your head all day.

Make your goal(s) visible and tangible so you can see them every day and get pumped about working towards them. This is going to make them so much more real, and present than just occasionally thinking about them.

Some good ways to manifest your goals is to: 1. grab a pen and a paper and write everything down 2. Make yourself a vision board, these are powerful visual reminders to stay focused on what you want most (and get creative! they can be a lot of fun to make).

After you write a list or make some visual out of your goal write an action plan. Create a simple or an in depth step by step action plan of how you want to achieve your goal.

But go over your action plan frequently, adjust it accordingly so that you can succeed.

Step 2: Start taking baby steps.

What is something you can do each day to get you closer to your dream becoming a reality? Get in a routine which will push you forward towards your goal. If it helps, you can be accountable to someone or have someone you can report to and talk your goals over with. I personally keep a journal that I have my goals in. I outline what I need to do for the day or week, and write notes to myself on things I need to focus on the next day. Since I’ve started doing this my productivity has gone through the roof, and I’m a lot more organized.

Step 3: Get uncomfortable.

I am the LAST person who wants to do anything to make myself uncomfortable, but am the biggest advocate since moving to college. No one wants to be pushed. However, great things aren’t found in your comfort zone. You have to be willing to push your limits and really start doing the things that you’ve been too afraid to do. And yes it’s going to be scary at first and you are going to feel like a fish out of water. But that is how you are going to grow and see results.

What in your comfort zone is holding you back?  My challenge to you is to find your weak points, what makes you uneasy when you think about your goal? How can you change that weakness and harness it so that it becomes a strength?

Step 4: Don’t ever give up.

Do not get discouraged. Life is tough but my dear so are you, it’s time to kick your life in gear and take charge. Everyone is going to have setbacks, but what matters is that you get back up, and you throw another punch. Believe that you are a Boss Babe and you will be. You’ll be able to turn your weaknesses into strengths by trying, and not giving up.

Step 5: Get rid of your time wasters, and distractions.

What are the things in your daily life that are wasting your time? These could be anything that keep you from being productive such as apps on your phone, social media, TV shows, etc,. We are bombarded everyday with new ways to distract ourselves. The trick is being self aware and being able to realize that these things are sucking up hours of your day just trying to get to the next level (And it’s doing nothing for you!). I am the WORST at following this rule and really need to get better on this one.

Do yourself a favor, get rid of game apps on your phone, and other distractions. You will feel so much more free, and like you have a lot more time to achieve your goals.

It’s time to invest in yourself. Decide what is worth your time and what isn’t.




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