How to Be A Girlboss 101: Personal Branding

Happy Sunday, friends! First off, don’t worry this isn’t as boring and intimidating as it sounds. I have touched on this topic before and think it is crucial in your personal and professional life. This post came to me after I was in a “workshop” for my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, and we were discussing the importance of branding as a chapter as well as an individual. As a marketing major, this is clearly a topic of interest for me. I have always found how others perceive me a real driving factor in how I live my life. Yes in how I look on the outside and other superficial reasons, but even more so how I come across to someone through in my character, personality, work ethic, and intention.

I am really proud of myself and how much I have grown just in the past year. I feel like I really have found my groove and know what I love and am passionate about. But it’s all about growth and whether or not you continue to grow. This is where personal branding comes into play. Whether it is in person, on social media, or elsewhere you want to be the most genuine and authentic version of yourself as possible. This means doing what you love with who you love and ultimately living your best life. I believe setting standards for yourself is the first step. Where is the bar going to be set? Evaluate who you are now…do you like who you are now? Are there things you want to change and don’t like? Now that you’ve done that, think about where you WANT to be. Think about it like this: Who is someone you idolize? Why do you idolize them? Probably because of how they act towards other people and portray themselves. So what can you do to make someone think that about you? Are you kind and loving and accepting? Are you willing to hear what others have to say? Are you smiling? It all has an impact on how people see you and whether or not they remember you. Be memorable. Stand out. Maybe be a little weird. Find your quirks and what makes you you! And BE PROUD! The one thing I am continuously finding out in this path of self discovery is it all comes down to confidence. If you are confident in yourself, other people will be confident in you.

It really is a fun process when you do begin to gain that confidence, find your passions, and become who you WANT to be. Because regardless of what you think, people are looking. Future employers, parents, friends, family, and even strangers. It all matters and it all has an impact. YOU make an impact on others, so make it a good one.

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