Back in Chicago & Better Than Ever

Hey everyone! I am officially one week into my sophomore year of college and have had a great but super busy start to my year. I moved into my apartment with my AMAZING roomie Julia last Saturday and it already feels like we have been here forever. Our place is so homey and it’s definitely nice having more than one room and not having to go into the hallway just to go to the bathroom. I have already gotten together with my Alpha Chi Omega sisters for one chapter and my CHAARG girlies for a fun Monday night at Barry’s bootcamp! It’s great to be back and be able to do these things again. Classes started just two short days after and I was honestly a little nervous. New classes, harder classes, new professors, that’s some scary stuff. But I am pleased to tell you I am actually enjoying (most) of my classes! I am ESPECIALLY liking my business classes which is incredibly reassuring for me because that means I may have actually picked the right major! What a relief! I get to go downtown at least three days a week which is always so fun to be a part of the downtown early morning hustle and bustle. Aside from classes, Julia and I have already cooked many meals in our crock pot (my new favorite kitchen appliance) as well as many other yummy meals and treats in our kitchen! Let me just tell you…having a kitchen!! GAME CHANGER. I love it so much. Lucky for me all of my closest friends from last year all got in the same dorm as me this year so I am still hanging out with them and are up to our usual shenanigans. My incredible Aunt Lisa, Uncle Curtis, and three cousins came to see me yesterday and that was such a nice day! They just moved to the suburbs and am so excited to have them near by!! I took them on a tour of my campus and we went for a delicious lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. It was so nice to catch up and see them after a few months! Last night a few of my friends and I went downtown for some Saturday night fun taking in the last few warmer days (fall is already almost here? and how is it already September?) I can tell it’s going to be a really good year and I am so excited to see what is in store in these next few months. I’m in an amazing city, with great people, what more could I ask for? I’m pretty gosh darn lucky. Get ready for all of the awesome posts coming your way this year! Can’t wait to show you guys what I’m up to! I’M READYYYY!









Have an incredible Sunday, friends!



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