Foodie Finds: Sweetgreen

Happy Sunday, my pretty people! I am starting a new series on my blog that I am so excited about because it’s going to be all about one of my favorite things…food! Summer is a super fun time in the Kleck family. We love going out to eat, especially if they have outdoor seating. Soaking up the sun, with people you love, while eating?! It can’t get much better than that. This week’s starting foodie find is Sweetgreen! Upon recommendation from my lovely roomie, this salad sanctuary has easily moved up to the top of my of favorite quick serve restaurants in downtown Chicago. In this adorable and bright atmosphere you go up to the counter and pick out your lettuce, any toppings and dressing. You can even choose a light, medium or heavy amount of dressing that they toss right in front of you. These ingredients are all super fresh and was hands down one of the best salads I’ve had. I opted for a classic caesar to see what it would be like. I went with kale as my base and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not typically a huge kale fan but it was delicious. The real game changer was sweet potato. I randomly decided to throw that in just because I love sweet potatoes in any form and it totally made the whole meal. They also come with a yummy piece of bread that so effortlessly compliments the salad. It tastes like a kind of wheat sourdough? I also partnered my meal with one of the many fresh juices they have to offer. Mine was a cucumber, ginger, and lemon fresca. Super fresh and yummy. So this summer, if you’re on North State St. in River North (just a few blocks North of the Grand and State redline stop), check out this amazing new find of mine. Look forward to many more Foodie Finds while I’m in Chicago as well as Indy this summer! Hope you all have had an amazing weekend and go eat a big salad!!




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