Weekly Gratitude: My New Sisters

Happy first Sunday of April! I thought I would write a weekly gratitude because 1) I haven’t written one of these in a really long time and 2) I have a really good thing to write one about this week. So a lot of my friends and family have been asking me to write about my sorority recruitment process and what it’s like being in a sorority, but I have been hesitant because I am only a newly initiated freshman so really how much advice can I give at this point? Just last weekend I became officially a member of the Alpha Chi Omega Iota Rho Chapter at Loyola University Chicago. Yesterday (and the event that sparked this post idea) was my first AXO retreat with all of my new sisters. The retreat was held at the Indiana Dunes and was the picture perfect day. Clear blue skies and sunny. Yes, greek life is filled with mixers, philanthropy events, fundraisers, formals, and weekly chapter meetings, but yesterday proved to be so much more to me and showed what this is all really about. It was a day filled with lifting people up, taking goofy instagram pictures by the beach, and meeting some pretty rad people. We played cheesy games and gave a lot of compliments but in the end, when we were all standing around on that chilly beach with our windy city far off in the background, it just felt right. This is where I am supposed to be. With these people, in this place, right now. So shout out to my amazing new sisters for making yesterday one to remember and making me even more excited and proud to rep Alpha Chi yesterday, today, and always.


xoxo Anna


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