What’s In My Carry On Bag


As I am currently packing for the first spring break of my college career, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some of the things I pack in my carry on bag when I am flying. This list varies based on the time of year and usually what I’m loving at the moment but generally consists of the same basic things. I try to keep this bag light with only things I know I will use and not just filling it up for the sake of having certain items. Here is what I pack and why:

Laptop This is most crucial to ensuring a boredom free flight experience. I’ll have movies and tv shows downloaded, or if I’m really desperate I may even do some homework.

Book I really do love reading despite what the dusty textbooks in my dorm room might reflect. I always try and bring at least one book with me on every trip I take because honestly when else am I going to get to read it? There’s no better time than when you are up in the air for hours at a time with sketchy not to mention expensive in-flight wifi. If I don’t feel like reading along with a physical book in my hands I also am a big fan of listening to audiobooks or podcasts. They help the time fly and make me feel better about how I am spending my time.

Notebook I love writing as you may have picked up on at this point. So whether it’s a simple to-do list or some new blog post ideas I always like to have something to write in.

Snacks The peanuts and pretzels can only last for so long. I typically throw a bar of some sort in for a quick pick me up when I need an energy boost. Kind Bars are some of my personal favorites, limited ingredients and super yummy.

Socks This is really depending on the weather and I typically throw these in during the warmer months when I’m not already wearing socks. It always gets a little chilly up there so it’s nice to have some cozy socks to keep those footsies warm and toasty. And although it’s not pictures above I like to bring a light jacket for the same reasons. It’s chilly, people.

Headphones I feel like these are pretty self explanatory, I’ve gotta be able to listen to my tunes somehow.

Glasses, makeup remover wipes, facial mist & hand cream I put all of these into one category because they are all used for the same purpose. The air up there can be extremely drying to your skin and even eyes. I try not to wear makeup on the plane so right before we land it’s nice to use a makeup wipe just to freshen up my skin along with the facial mist to keep it hydrated. My glasses are there in case any problems happen with my contacts or my eyes just need a break. These are also great if I want to take a nap (which is most flights). Hand cream, or any lotion is also just a staple to have to keep those hands nice and soft, along with anywhere else that needs a little TLC.

Happy Sunday! XOXO Anna


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