2017 Goals

As the first official week of 2017 comes to a close, I have written out some of my personal goals for this year. For this year’s list of resolutions I tried to stick to “big picture” ideas instead of smaller things like not eating any junkfood, because that’s just not realistic. I want to make a practical and beneficial path for me to follow going forward. This is what I have come up with:

  • read books that remind me why I love to read
  • live a healthier lifestyle – physically & mentally
  • produce blog content I am proud of & become more consistent with my posts
  • drink more water to hydrate my body
  • be present in my day to day life & not worry so much about the past or future
  • keep my space clean, therefore my mind
  • take risks & push myself
  • explore new places in the city
  • cut the complaining & make less excuses
  • spend my money wisely & save
  • take advantage of the time I do have
  • take more pictures
  • try new foods
  • make new friends
  • pray often & make time for God
  • trust in the process


2017, I’m ready for ya


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