Weekly Gratitude: My Foodie Parents

Last weekend my parents came to visit me in Chicago for the first time since I moved up here one month ago today. The time has flown by but that didn’t make me miss them any less. The time I spent with them was incredible as usual but very very different. We didn’t have my siblings with us and the fact that they were simply visiting was a weird feeling. We went shopping, went to a beautiful church, and did a lot of typical Kleck things. If you know my family even a little, you know we love our food. I would even go as far as calling us major foodies. We are constantly trying new restaurants and eating all types of different cuisine. From a young age my parents always somewhat forced us to eat everything, just to try it. To give you a visual, my brother was chowing down on some octopus at age four, and he loved it. I am so happy that they instilled that in us from so early on (not eating octopus but trying foods from all cultures lol). So what did we do last weekend you may ask? Well, we ate. We ate often. We ate incredible food. We ate a lot. Keep in mind they were here for a day and a half so we had at least lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

The first place we went was Eataly. This place was not only really yummy but such a cool idea. This place was huge. A giant two story mixture of a market place selling anything and everything Italian and then the restaurant part where we ate. When we go out the Kleck fam goes tapas style so we can get a little sample of everything. My dad usually orders for the table what he thinks we would like. It’s perfect for us.

Okay so wow, don’t even know where to start with this next one. My parents were so excited about taking me to The Loyalist, which just opened in August. The atmosphere of this place was so fun. It was underground and super industrial. We sat at a communal table and ordered some pretty outstanding dishes. Highly recommend 10/10.

Lou Mitchell’s may have been one of the cutest breakfast spots that I’ve been to. Open since 1923, this place just radiates charm and hospitality. We were instantly greeted at the door with the most adorable older woman handing out donut holes in a giant wicker basket. Right then, I was already sold.

Shoutout to my parents for being the best of the best. Thanks for always teaching me to explore and do whatever it takes to become the best version of myself. Love you endlessly. You rock.


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