Life in the Big City

My first official week in Chi town has come to a close. So far I have met some pretty spectacular people, started classes, used my shiny new CTA pass to get downtown, found some yummy places to eat, and even more importantly where not to eat (some of the dining halls). I have seen beautiful sunsets on the lake and the city lights brighten up the sky at night. This has basically been everything I was hoping for and more.

Move in day was completely stress free thanks to my amazing parents. We got everything unpacked in just a couple of hours and were able to make me feel right at home. My bed is honestly comfier than my one at home thanks to the many many layers of mattress pads I am so happy my lovely mother insisted on. I have countless pictures of my best friends around, reminding me to have fun and take care of business here, and I will always have them when I get back.

My first week here I made it my mission to be the ultimate tourist. I went on a trolley tour, took pictures in front of the bean, went to world-famous restaurants like the Billy Goat Tavern and Ghirardelli Chocolate, did plenty of damage shopping, and soaked in as much of this new home of mine before my classes really start to pick up. I have been downtown the last three days in a row and man let me tell you, that is physically exhausting. My feet and back kill from walking so much but it was worth it because *cue cheesy line here* I’m making unforgettable memories with all my new buds.

I already had visitors my first official weekend here too! My amazing friend and her parents decided to come up to celebrate her birthday and kindly picked me up on the way to spend the day with them. The day started off with a lovely room tour (which I had to make sure was spotless upon their arrival) where I showed them around my dorm and introduced them to my roommate and some of my friends. We spent the rest of the day shopping and finished our busy day in Greek Town at Greek Islands Restaurant where we enjoyed some super yummy dishes where I basically felt like I was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was so kind of them to take me in for a few hours and spend the day with them.


When we weren’t going crazy in the city for 5+ hours at a time, we were being typical college kids, already making brownies in the lounge and having movie nights. This is the stuff I enjoy the most. I am so excited for what is to come and to really get started in all of my classes in the upcoming weeks. I know Chicago is where I am supposed to be right now, and that’s a really good feeling. I think I’m going to like it here.






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