Weekly Pamper Routine


Taking care of yourself and your body is so so so important. As I’m getting ready to leave for college, I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle that is packing my whole life into boxes, and give myself a pamper night. My pamper routine is one of my absolute favorite ways to treat my body after a long day. Here are some of my essentials for a relaxing evening in:

A Rich Body Butter

I received this body butter in one of my FabFitFun subscription boxes and love it so much I am planning on repurchasing because I’m almost out! It has the nourishing benefits of candlenut oil leaving your skin super soft and smelling amazing.


Candlenut Body Creme by Juara | $38

All the Candles

Candles are never really a bad idea, especially during a pamper night. It offers a super yummy scent of your choosing while completely changing the ambience of the room, immediately relaxing you.


Bath & Body Works Medium Candle in Vanilla Chai | $12.50

Lush Bath Bomb

Of course you can have a regular bath full of bubbles, but why not add a little color, fizz,  and maybe some sparkles to make it more fun? Lush bath bombs are not just super colorful and fun but can have fantastic benefits for your skin.


Lush Bath Bomb in “The Experimenter” | $8.95

A Good Exfoliant

Getting rid of all the dead skin cells on your body is one of the most surprisingly satisfying things you can do for yourself. Not only does it keep your skin smooth but also increases blood flow and circulation in your muscles. This exfoliator was also given to me in my most recent FabFitFun summer box and is totally amazing. It has a citrus scent and small exfoliating beads so it isn’t too harsh on sensitive skin.


Stemulation Microderm Face & Body Scrub | $34

A Detoxifying Face Mask

As you can see I love this mask because I’m over half way done with it. This is a charcoal mask that pulls all of the gunk and junk out of your pores that you don’t want. I apply a generous amount on my whole face, avoiding my eyes, and then wash off with a warm wash cloth when it’s dry about 15-20 minutes later.


Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask | $26


How To Deal With Leaving Your Siblings

When we’re younger we have this impression that our siblings are either our best friends or your worst enemy. Maybe you were a combination of the two, like me. We didn’t always get along and it could get pretty ugly at times. But when we did we were inseparable. As my clock continues to count down and I get even closer to leaving my home and family, my appreciation for my siblings has grown immensely. I am the oldest, so I never got to experience an older sibling leaving. The whole dynamic of the family is going to change whether I want it to or not. My brother and sister are people I can tell anything to with zero judgement, and the best part about it is they can’t do anything about it because they’re stuck with me forever! It’s going to be a big change and it’s hard for me to think about the fact I won’t be there for them in the same way I was before. I won’t get to be there witnessing them experiencing all of the same and even different things I got to be a part of during my teen years. Leaving them isn’t going to be easy. I will see them on breaks and when I’m home in the summer, but it won’t be like it was. As hard as that is for me to accept, that’s just how it is. That is the point I am at in my life. So hopefully up to this point I have given them someone they can trust, someone they can go to and know I love them no matter what. Hopefully I continue to be a positive role model and show them what is possible if you just stop thinking so much and just do. College will be an amazing opportunity to show myself what I am made of but more importantly, show them what their older sister is capable of. If I can do it, they certainly can. They are two of the brightest, kindest, loving siblings a girl could ask for and I’ll miss them oh so terribly. But this is just the beginning. This is the next step. These last few days I plan to soak it up as much as possible, spending as much time with them as I can. All I can say is this: make them proud.



Weekly Gratitude: Pinterest

This might sound like a really silly thing to be grateful for. How can I be thankful for something that is basically just a feed of pretty pictures? For those who know me pretty well know that I may have a slight addiction to Pinterest. I currently have 6.5k pins with 24 boards and growing. It’s not only a somewhat therapeutic pastime for me but weirdly inspiring. There are pictures of beautiful homes, clothes, makeup, quotes, and so much more. It makes me excited for my future. Now yes, this also could be giving me false hopes of what the real world is like and a materialistic perspective. But as long as I’m aware of that it’s fine, right? I look at it this way. If seeing these people and things makes me want to get up every day and achieve my goals so I can maybe one day have the life I want is that really such a bad thing? I don’t think so. My Pinterest is basically a giant gallery of goals I have for myself, one big inspiration board. I have all the cliché girly boards you could imagine like “Dream Wedding” and “Dream Home.” But some of my other favorites are “Wanderlust” and “Apartment Life.” These boards are me in a nutshell—everything I am and or hope to be one day. They include places I want to travel, recipes I want to make, DIY projects, college dorm room essentials, positive and uplifting quotes, and just overall things I love and that make me happy. I have attached the link to my page if you want to check it out. Have an amazing day, my lovelies.

Hunting Happiness

Through most of my teen years I have been searching for the one thing or one person or one place that would make me just undeniably happy. More than anything else in the world, something I could always find joy in. I thought that if I could find this one source I could start “living the life” I’ve always wanted, whatever that means. This has been my excuse. I would say, “once I find what I am passionate about I will really start being me.” I was determined to find this one thing that would flip the switch in my head and I can say wow I finally found it. I have wasted so much of my life looking for something better instead of embracing what I have here, now. I’m not unhappy at all, I have a very fulfilling and amazing life. But I guess we’re always looking for that something extra. I consider myself an optimistic person, always trying to see the glass half full. So I am in no way saying there isn’t more out there. There most certainly is, and I can’t wait to discover it. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Make the most of what you have, and find your own happiness in your every day routines. Work on yourself, share your love with everyone you meet, and make people want to get to know you. Happiness can be found in so many things, people, or places. It doesn’t have to be something new and shiny. There will always be something better out there, but just because it’s better you have to think if it’s really better for you. So as I’ve grown, I now realize this just isn’t realistic. Thinking about the future and what’s beyond what you know is so important and even more exciting. But you don’t have to figure it all out at once and especially as a teenager. You have your whole life to find what makes you happiest so don’t spend it all searching. Don’t get so caught up in hunting happiness that you can’t see it may be hunting you too.