Weekly Gratitude: Alone Time

As I begin this new part of my life a lot has been put into perspective, and I have realized how much I am thankful for in my life. I have been blessed in ways I can’t even put into words. I have an out of this world support system who would drop anything for me in a heartbeat, as I would do the same for them. So with these weekly gratitudes (something I hope to make a regular part of this blog), I will choose one aspect of my life I am especially grateful for that week and share with you just how much it means to me.

This week I am grateful for alone time. I have always been one who enjoys solitude. It’s the short drive I have to work in the morning, when I’m washing my hair in the shower, reading a good book, or taking my dog for a walk. Those times alone with my thoughts where I can really think and plan and not have to worry about anything else other than myself. Discovering that I am going to be forced into adulthood in 36 short days has me feeling some type of way. I like the idea of it but also not really at all because what do you mean my mom won’t be making me dinner every night? I recently have grown to cherish this alone time to figure out my goals and what I want out of this life. It’s made me more aware how I should be spending my time and how I really want to spend my days. It’s been a huge wake up call for me and for that I am thankful.



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