New Beginnings

And to think this is going to be my backyard for the next four years? Well, that as well as the incredible city of Chicago! I couldn’t be more excited about taking this next step in my life — college. Wow, what a daunting thought. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was playing house and setting up lemonade stands?

I have never been one who is good with change. I like the people and the things in my life for a reason, so why do I have to leave it all behind just to get an education? It’s definitely going to be a difficult transition from suburban Indiana girl to Chicago city living in just one short month. But I’m ready. I have to be. I’ve decided this is what I need to do to become who I want to be (I know how cheesy that sounds but you’ll be getting a lot of that so be prepared). This city will offer me so many things, so many new experiences, a new culture and a whole lot of new people. I’m just close enough where I can come home if I really need to but also far enough that I am really on my own.

Even though I’m really actually quite terrified with the concept of leaving all my loved ones behind, I’ll also be leaving another thing—my comfort zone. My comfort zone and I have quite a tight bond that I almost never leave its side. I am hopeful that with this new life change comes a door (or even a window) that makes me WANT to leave my comfort zone.

I’m a very optimistic person so I am excited for college too believe it or not! I love the idea of living on my own, designing my own room (even if it’s a small box with ugly wood furniture and cement walls), and learning to be independent in so many other ways. I want to meet as many people as possible and fall in love with my life in every aspect. This is going to be an amazing start to the rest of my life, my first of many new beginnings.


One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. jah14blog says:

    Hey! I’m leaving for college in the fall as well! I can relate to you about always being in your comfort zone. That’s how I feel when I know everyone around in my small town. Although I won’t be living on campus, I’m still nervous for the first week and settling in to my new home as a college student. I’m excited to begin my new journey in fall and I wish you luck on your new adventure!

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